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Natural traditional European baby teething remedy
Catalogue of baby teething necklaces for sale

These are some of our most popular designs of baby teething necklaces. Please keep in mind that we have the largest selection of baby necklaces in the world. At the moment we offer for sale 25 different designs. About 20 of them are made by our company only.

Most popular designs of teething necklaces

Multicolored baroque shape bead baby teething necklace
Cognac color amber teething necklace - round beads
Healing sea amber baby teething beads
Cognac color Baltic amber nugget teething necklace
Honey color amber teething necklace
Cognac color amber chip necklace - baby teething beads
Multi colored baltic amber baby teething necklace
Multicolored Baltic amber teething necklace - round beads



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